Is Hoodia Safe? Does Hoodia Gordonii have any side effects

Is Hoodia Safe? Does Hoodia Gordonii have any side effects

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With so many different products on the market for weight loss and appetite suppression, one can only wonder about the safety of each product. After all, for many years we depended on Ephedra and Phenfen only to discover that both of these products were dangerous and likely to cause heart attacks. Where does that leave a person who is trying with great difficulty to lose weight? Is there an answer?

For those who have been trying to find a safe way to lose weight, you can now stop searching. Hoodia gordonii is a safe and effective way to lose all of that excess weight without compromising any other health problems you may have. Since it is all natural and not a drug, it is not habit forming and has no side effects. The interesting thing about this supplement is that it works by fooling the brain into thinking you have already eaten, thus giving you a feeling of being full, no matter how little you have eaten. On average, people can reduce their calorie intake by approximately 1,000 calories per day.

Currently, there are many products out there claiming to contain hoodia, so you must be careful of this “fake” hoodia. Real hoodia is grown only in South Africa, and any products claiming to contain it should include a certificate of origin in South Africa as well as a Lot Number that corresponds to the Lot Number on the product label. With hoodia being such a hot number today, many people are trying to push products that contain little or no hoodia as the “real” hoodia, charging inflated prices for something that is not likely to perform the job. In addition, one does not know the safety of these “fake” products, that may contain ingredients other than hoodia.

Real hoodia products contain nothing else but hoodia as a powder in capsule form or in a liquid product. Though products such as shakes, patches, and gum are available, most researchers feel that they do not work as well as hoodia in liquid form and are thus useless as an appetite suppressant. The safety of hoodia can be confirmed by its longevity of use by natives in the Calamari Desert region of South Africa where it grows wild. It’s a natural appetite suppressant, and it has been proven to work. It is expensive because it’s imported from South Africa, but when you think of all of the money you spend on products that don’t work, it’s just a small price to pay for something that is both safe and effective.

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